Cat wine available, for all you lonely people

Cat wine available

Cat owners can be very 'special' indeed, treating their felines like little humans and talking about them endlessly to people who genuinely don't care.

The archetypal crazy cat-owner rattles around their house, muttering things to their moggies who aren't listening because they just want to be fed, scratch your nice things, or soil your garden.

Not that this will worry the cat owner! They'll still pour themselves a glass of wine and say "Oooh, just a little glass, tee hee!" to Oedipuss/Careless Whiskers/Whatever quirky name you've given your cat.

You won't need to drink alone though, as some bright spark has come up with wine, for cats. That means you can get sozzled together while you aimlessly flick through Tinder, while the 200th episode of Big Bang Theory plays in the background.

Wine vendors, Apollo Peak, have come up with something called Pinot Meow.

Now, getting your cat drunk on actual alcohol is an appalling idea and basically cruel, however, this drink is made with catnip in it, which means your cat can get wrecked while you drunkenly cry and send out passive aggressive tweets that everyone has muted already.

Pinot Meow has the aforementioned organic catnip, as well as water and beetroot juice, which means it looks like red wine.

If you're more of a white wine fan, then you can get MosCATo, which is the same thing, but coloured with something else.

So there you go. Drink in solitude no more, as you'll be able to get your cat wasted as well.

In fairness, cats can be pretty great when you get them whacked on catnip and will be more interesting than the 489 identical photos you've taken of it this week.

If you want in on this cat wine, then all the information you'll need can be found on ApolloPeak's website.

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