Cash machine gives out double, to the delight of all!

reg varney cash machine The good people of Stanground were having a lovely time this week while they were doing some shopping, as they collectively discovered that a cash machine was giving out  double the amount tapped-in.

Those shopping at Morrisons found the holy grail of a machine that spits out more than you've asked for, meaning that there's going to be some boozing done this weekend. The community-thinking people of Stanground soon passed the word around and soon enough, everyone was rinsing the glitchy machine.

Strong work.

According to Peterborough Today, two fellas went home and got every card they had so they could double their money. Thanks to this, the machine was mobbed. It was probably glowing bright red by the time it had been emptied.

A spokeswoman for Morrisons said: "We were quickly notified that a fault had occurred with the Link cash machine outside of our store. Our colleagues attended, switched the faulty ATM off and notified the bank. The Link bank is coming to repair the machine today."

So if you know anyone in Stanground, now's the perfect time to ask to borrow a tenner.

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  • JonB
    I'm fairly sure this is theft in the eyes of the law. Particularly the blokes who went home and got more cards to attack the machine with. Not only that, but by using their own cards they can easily be traced - numpties.
  • Mad B.
    They probably wont be allowed to keep the cash, when this has happened in the past, the banks have identified when the fault occurred, and offered the customers the chance to return the excess - or have it charged to their account. Sorry to be a killjoy.

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