Can you find a more peculiar painting that the Gary Glitter/Duck In A Nappy one?

Outsider artists are difficult to find, but when you do, they're to be treasured. Why? Well, in the case of this particular artist, they've decided to paint children's TV weed, Orville the Duck, with the face of child-botherer, Gary Glitter.

And it gets weirder.

gary glitter

The artist says: "painting is 24"x45" painted on hardboard, framed in pine, with real teeth, and drilled out eyes (you can fill these holes with l.e.d. lights or raisins)"

Real teeth! Raisin eyes!

And there'll be more from the grotesque gallery. The artist continues: "i am having a big spring clear out - so i'll be putting up loads more of my paintings on ebay every day, so do please come back and check out other original paintings i am selling."

It is currently going for just over a fiver on eBay. Click here if you want to buy it.


  • _stu_
    In case you're wondering what other oddities this painter has...... These include... young boy being smacked, mary poppins michael banks matchmaker in the garden of eden, cilla black, monkeys acrylic painting of def leppard and romantic oil painting compo & audrey hepburn eating spaghetti, lady & the tramp This stuff should be in the Museum of Poor Art
  • Brian S.
    If only I could get a print of The Chuckle Brothers on Tour - Sharing a Groupie, then my art collection would be complete:

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