Buy your child a Baby In A Microwave toy!

21 January 2011

While this may not be new or news, we've stumbled across a most peculiar toy from those wonderful Japanese folks from Japanland. Welcome Baby In A Microwave! That's right! Is your puking little sprog forever sticking its siblings in the microwave trying to explode them? Well sate their disgusting desires with this toy! Or send them to a child prison.

baby in a microwave

There's more minging toys to be had over in Japan too. There's a roadkill cat, an impaled woman and the hacked up body of a naked woman. Click here for more.

Now, you can proceed with your 'God! I saw this on the internet AGES ago! You're so rubbish at the internets! PRICKS!' comments.


  • jboy
    God! I saw this on the internet AGES ago! You’re so rubbish at the internets! PRICKS!
  • andy y.
    Lads, I know you like push the boundaries,foxes at al. This one is a step too far.
  • Marky M.
    More accurately, that's "Buy your child a *Western* baby in a microwave toy", conspiracy theory fans.
  • Barry B.
    The woman in a box looks good, but don't settle for a toy one. I got one in the Clifton area of Bristol just before Christmas.

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