Buy snozzcumbers at Morrison’s

Buy snozzcumbers at Morrison’s

If your child (or indeed, yourself) is a huge fan of Roald Dahl, Morrison's would like you to see what they're doing today.

Today, September 13th, would have been the 100th birthday of the much loved author, and with that, the supermarket are selling snozzcumbers for 41p each.

Now, it goes without saying that snozzcumbers are fictional, and are solely for giants to eat.

In the BFG, they're described as: "About half as long again as an ordinary man but was much thicker. It was as thick around its girth as a perambulator. It was black with white stripes along its length. And it was covered all over with coarse knobbles."

If memory serves, they taste pretty rank too (unless you're a giant of course).

No fear of that here though, as the Morrison's snozzcumber is basically a massive, wonky, cucumber, and come in at 16 inches long.

If you want your children to eat more vegetables, this might be a good way of hoodwinking them into doing it.

"We're bringing a bit of the magic of Roald Dahl's story into our stores and celebrating this humble cucumber in all its knobbly, wonky glory," said Morrison's Rebecca Burns.

"Unlike Snozzcumbers, children will find this variety delicious – not a hint of cockroaches or slime wanglers."

"We're anticipating they will become a lunchbox staple for kids going back to school this September and will excite a new generation about wonky veg at the same time."

They're on-sale in the shops today, and if you buy one, a donation will be made to Roald Dahl's The Marvellous Children's Charity.

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