Burger King give the world 'The Whopperito'


Are you tired of shovelling a burger into your mouth via the tried and tested bun method?

Are you indecisive and like people to mash together two forms of cuisine in the same mouthful for you?

Well, Burger King have got something for you, and it is called the Whopperito. And yes, that is a dreadful name. What is it? It is a bog standard Whopper, that's been turned into a burrito.

Images of it have been doing the round on various social networks, and it looks... well... exactly like you think it would look.

Here, see.

That's BK's famous flame-grilled beef, all put together in a tortilla with bright yellow cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, onions, and pickles. Sounds like we'd give it a go after a night on the pop.

The Whopperrito is being trialled in Pennsylvania, USA, and we don't know if it'll be rolled out worldwide or not.

Suffice to say, if you wanted to eat this and can't wait for Burger King to get their fingers out, you could just make your own burrito and chop up a burger and throw it in.

Good idea, or abomination?

What do you think?

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