Bored? Colour in some meat and two veg!

cocksSomeone has gone and made a colouring book filled with cocks. Great big nobbers for you to neatly fill-in with crayons and felt-tips. Why? Well, the product description says:

"The cock as a symbol represents strength, fertility, virility and finds its way into architecture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coit Tower, Roman pillars and columns, into psychology with Freud, into literature with phallic metaphors in Shakespeare's plays, in art with Mapplethorpe's flower photography, ancient sculptures and magical talismans, in anthropology with rituals of phallic adoration such as the maypole."

"Big Book Alt Press is proud to represent the phallus be it capped, cut, pierced, tattooed, crooked, or bulbous! Color up your praise of the great phallus with the Big Coloring Book of Cocks!! Included in the book is a connect the dots, word search, and an "all about my cock" section."

So there you have it. You can buy it from Amazon now if you're mad on penises. If you're more into fannies, then there's The Big Colouring Book of Vaginas as well.


  • cookie
    With the vaginas book, you can now create your very own custom blue waffles.
  • philip f.
    dat der fella got no nutsac
  • dacouch
    Buying a new book from Amazon for $11.95 seems a bargain when you see the increase in your investment when you decide to sell your used Vagina Colouring Book
  • Claude F.
    Big colouring book of vaginas,finally a use for my gammon steak coloured Crayola .
  • Jack
    More deals like this here -

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