Bloke is sent tumour instead of Kindle

11 January 2016

kindle__1__2331609b When ordering anything online, there's always a chance your parcel might get mixed up with another package. However, one fella called James Potten was expecting to receive a new Kindle, as he signed for his goods with a FedEx driver.

However, instead of getting an e-reader, he found himself holding a box that said "patient tumour specimen enclosed" on it. That's quite the mix-up. This particular package was sent from California and was meant to end up at the Royal Free Hospital in London, but instead, ended up in Bristol on the kitchen table of Potten.

He said: "Presumably this is a very important package, that needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible. It is really bad that this has happened. This really should be with the hospital, not with me."

"There is a reason it has been sent from America to London, and it could be wasting valuable time while it just stays here."

Someone from the Royal Free Hospital said: "We understand the parcel delivery company is in the process of redelivering the package to the correct address. We expect the delivery company to contact all the institutions at the Royal Free Hospital site to establish the identity of the intended recipient."

What a mistake to make. Maybe Potten can use the contents of the parcel for the innards of some homemade sausages of something.

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