Bitterwallet’s Christmas List: No. 11 – The Stylophone Beatbox

16 October 2009

Stylophone_BeatboxStylophones have become a cult item like the theremin or Moog, which sees record nerds (like me) enthusing over them like they're the greatest invention ever (including the wheel and the modem). Of course, they're not... but they are stupidly fun.  The Stylophone has appeared on loads of records, like David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', Kraftwerk's 'Pocket Calculator' and Little Boots uses them extensively in live performances.

However, Stylophone have a new invention called the Stylophone Beatbox and effectively, it's like carrying The Human League in your pocket... and we'd like to have The Human League in our pocket thank you very much.

Instead of telling you the boring spec and all that gubbins (which you'll invariably find out for yourselves if you're that way inclined) it's better to just direct you to the video below which shows a pair of deadpan Yorkshire lads doing a hip-hop medley on a pair of Stylophone Beatbox devices.

Spotted on The Word's Mailout


  • paolo
    Absolute GENIUS :o)
  • WTF
  • Mike B.
  • Fred
    the ending is great. What a pair of dorks !

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