Birmingham council wants to know where wheelie bin owners are rubbing their genitals

Birmingham city council are very interested in the sexual habits of wheelie-bin owners, presumably because they're thundering pervs or something. The city of Brum asked residents what type of genitals they liked in a survey, which perplexed home owners.

One resident said the council should ‘mind its own business’ while another asked if their bins would be colour-coded to reflect the sexual orientation of the people of the Midlands.

The online questionnaire asked about recycling and bin sizes, and then asked: "Which of the following most accurately describes your sexual orientation? Bisexual, gay man, gay woman/lesbian, heterosexual/straight, other, or prefer not to say."

The Labour council said the question was included so they could try to ensure that all views were representative of everyone in the city's population. And maybe they wanted to know which recycling bins would be filled with empty bottles of poppers.

And former Conservative councillor Peter Smallbone, right on cue, chipped in by saying: "It’s typical pointless lefty nonsense."

A council spokesman responded: "Although we do ask those questions, as part of the effort to make the feedback as informed as possible, you will have also noticed that ‘prefer not to say’ is an option to every question in that part of the survey."

Brum city council are pretty useless though. A couple of years ago, they sent out voting cards with the wrong date on them for the people of 'Birmingam' and before that, while promoting the city, printed nearly 400,000 leaflets with a picture of Birmingham, Alabama on them.

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    Brown bin or pink bin?

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