Behold! The menu for sulking children!

28 September 2016
Behold! The menu for sulking children!

Everyone hates children who sulk. Childless couples resent the noise they make, and parents also resent the caterwauling - but they've got used to it and learned how to zone it out.

Children have excellent timing with sulks - crossing the road, school photos, and of course, meal time.

One restaurant thought they'd have a bit of fun with the whole thing, and instead of offering some crayons and a wordsearch, they've decided to mock them.

On the menu, in the children's section, you'll see that the dishes are named after the stroppy things that kids say.

Have a look.

This was spotted and posted by Reddit user nabced.

Will this help children decide? You suspect not, but it'll give weary parents a laugh if they've been brave enough to leave the house with their terrible infants.

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