Behold! The lady who dyed an Asda bag into her hair!

Putting dye in your own hair, at home, can be mildly perilous at times. Things can go wrong, you can burn your scalp, or the colour comes out all weird... however, there's one young lady who has taken the crown when it comes to hair dyeing mishaps!

She decided to use an Asda plastic bag in her dyeing process, and well, she ended up with Asda branded hair. Much to the amusement of her brother who gleefully shared it online.


Mercifully, everyone involved saw the funny side of it, and there must have been a moment where she thought "if only I'd used a poncier bag, I might have been able to pull this off?"

The brother in question, Craig Richardson, shared Rebecca's pain with the tactful update of "F***ing pissing made my day this [crying laugh emojis] fs my sister dyeing her hair problems"

Good work everyone.

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