Behold! The Human Jelly Centibaby!

Have you seen the Human Centipede films? Chances are, you've not, because the premise is horrible and you don't want nightmares. Well, how about this for a PG version - a jelly centibaby?

That's right - a chap called 'Remo' bought some Aldi jelly babies, and on opening the packet, found this absolute monstrosity in it.

human centibaby

As you can see, instead of a bag filled with separate babies, all lying there adorably, waiting for you to bite their heads off, this packet stars on giant cluster of melded together babies.

Is this good luck, like finding a four leaf clover? Or is it an ominous warning of bad luck, which means you're going to wake up one day to find that you've been attached to a load of other people, in some dreadful genetic accident? Either way, you'd eat it.

[via Remo26599]

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