Because stupid can't always work a TV remote

This man has three options: turn some bloody lights on; navigate his way around the TV remote by the light of the light-emitting television; buy the pop-up Microlite and bring about the End of Days for humanity. For fuck's sake.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader James


  • amin
    lol nice one
  • a b.
    I watch horror films in the dark. This would be ideal for stopping the film at the scary bits.
  • Tom
    Would have been a better idea to stick it on the other end so you can still hold the remote.
  • Zleet
    Why is it so fucking big and in possibly the worst place on the remote. Unless you are watching the TV with the bloody thing turned off why don't you just tilt the remote a couple of degrees and use the light from the screen?
  • Mark C.
    Considering you can get LED torches these days that are barely bigger than the watch battery that powers them, that thing looks truly prehistoric.

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