Arsenal fans boycott Costa Coffee

If you missed the football news over the weekend, or forgot all about it because you've been overridden by the idea of a Prime Minister thrusting his widger into a severed pig's head, here's one of the things you should know: Chelsea's Diego Costa is really good at winding people up.

In Chelsea's game against Arsenal, he managed to get the Gunners' defender Gabriel sent-off. Some people applauded, because football needs wind-up merchants. Some (mainly Arsenal fans) were not so happy about it.

In fact, some Arsenal fans are so annoyed that they're going to boycott Costa Coffee until Gabriel Paulista comes back from his suspension.


The image above, nicked off Twitter, shows you that this is well and truly a thing. One Arsenal fan Tweeted: "That's it for me. Boycott Costa. Starbucks all the way!" While 'Our Lot In Block 5' tweeted: "@gpaulista5 @ourlotpod join the #costaboycott buy your coffee at #starbucks or #pretamanger until Gabriel returns"

Of course, Arsenal fans are joking about this, but you can bet that there's a number of opposing teams who are taking these boycotts seriously. Either way, if you're a real Arsenal fan, you won't be shopping at Costa for a while... or wear Chelsea boots while singing the praises of Diego, the eighth bishop of Oviedo who died in the 970s.

Up the people!

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