Are these the creepiest adverts ever?

13 February 2015

It is incredibly difficult to get your adverts noticed above everyone else's, but one crematorium has hit on something that's got people talking about them - being so dark and weird that it chills people's blood.

Adverts for St Louis Cremation, which ran in a magazine called Town and Style St Louis Magazine, have ended up online. For all the world, they look like bleak riddles left by a serial killer.

For example, look at this horrifying thing.


Honestly. It's enough to make you cry all the water out of your body. There's more too, and every single one of them feels like a coded message from someone who could strike again.




The St Louis Cremation crew have this to say: "Thank you all for your feedback in regards to our marketing campaign. Our most recent advertisement was intended to be a lighthearted ad with no underlying message. We missed the mark on getting our intended message to the public. Our intent was for top of mind awareness, not a call to action. We plan to discontinue this campaign and to pour all of our efforts into what we do best: taking care of our families by honouring their loved ones."

We're now looking for secret messages in that too...


  • Fat H.
    Obviously their campaign was designed by J.Savile Marketing.
  • Mosskeeto
    I don't know...the MoneySuperMarket ads with that weird guy in high heels and Sharon Osborne with a mouth that moves completely seperate to the rest of her frozen face gives me the creeps even more...

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