App to tell you what size you are in different shops

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If you shop in women's clothes stores, you can have a nightmare finding clothes that fit you, thanks to the women's fashion industry, and their 'free jazz' approach to labelling their clothes.

What is a Size 8 in one shop, can be a 10 in another, and a 6 in another. It's wildly infuriating.

This can be even more irritating when you're buying things online, where you don't get to try them on before parting with your hard-earned money, leaving you having to mess about doing returns and the like.

Well, there's something that could help you out, in the shape of a new mobile app for smartphones, called Mallzee.

Basically, it tells you what size you are, in different shops. You can swipe through clothes, and you'll be matched with your favourites.

You fill out your measurements (rather than your clothing sizes) on the app, and boom, you'll get shown the clothes that actually fit you.

That's the idea, at any rate.

"Mallzee was invented to solve the problem of being able to find, compare and buy items from multiple retailers in one convenient place," Cally Russell, who created the app, told Marie Claire. "As we worked to solve this more and more users told us they struggled to find products in the correct size. We needed to be able to give our users the ability to find, compare and buy items knowing that no matter which retailer they are from, they will be in their size."

Get the app, here.

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