Anyone for a bag of Pepsi flavoured crisps?

16 August 2013

Over in wacky ol' Japan, Pepsi-flavoured Cheetos have been launched. Sadly/mercifully, it doesn't look like these crisps will be appearing on the shelves of our newsagents any time soon.

When asked if the Cheetos flavour will be released in the US, a Frito-Lay spokesperson said: "The answer is no."


Of course, we've had our own weird crisps. Who remembers hedgehog flavoured crisps (which were made after the inventor apparently interviewed some gypsies and tried to recreate the flavour) and Fairfield's 'Butter & Mint' crisps?

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  • Fled N.
    Or Tayto's chocolate with cheese and onion crisps?
  • barry f.
    who the fuck still has newsagents????
  • Hoodie V.
    Slow news day? Or just couldn't be bothered? I think it's the latter. What a waste of bandwidth!

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