Another 21 pirate websites to be blocked by ISPs

music piracy The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) have bagged themselves another court order against websites that engage in copyright infringement. As of today, the UK's six biggest ISPs will have to block 21 websites and torrents.

That includes TorrentHound and sharing platforms BeeMP3, Mp3Raid and FilesTube.

Last year, the BPI successfully got ISPs to agree to block The Pirate Bay and another three torrent websites. However, what they didn't manage is to stop people from getting access to them through a proxy.

There's also a Streisand Effect going on as well, with the BPI giving often unheard of sites huge amounts of publicity.

"We asked the sites to stop infringing copyright but unfortunately they did not and we were left with little choice but to apply to the court," said Geoff Taylor, BPI chief executive. "The judge considered the evidence and declared that ISPs should not serve access to them."

The websites which became inaccessible in the UK include Abmp3, BeeMP3, Bomb-Mp3, eMp3World, FileCrop, FilesTube, Mp3Juices, Mp3lemon, Mp3Raid, Mp3skull, NewAlbumReleases, Rapidlibrary, 1337x, BitSnoop, ExtraTorrent, Monova. TorrentCrazy, TorrentDownloads, TorrentHound, Torrentreactor and Torrentz.

This will be no problem for anyone who knows how to use a search engine to get an answer for a commonly asked question, so well done to the BPI.


  • Tits M.
    As long as is still up, I'm happy.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    These things are so easy to get around I wonder why they even bother 'blocking' them
  • klingelton
    Welcome to China.
  • cicobuff
    Guess this just means there will be a lot more proxies.
  • dvdj10
    All this does is advertise the sites. I bet they all see an uplift in traffic. I acquire stuff and I hadn't heard of some of these, cheers BPI! I'm also on Virgin 120meg who are very ban happy with sites, I can still access ANYTHING I want though, anyone with half a brain can. How about having worldwide releases for TV shows rather than just concentrating on America? Show it on a Sunday night by all means, but then show it here on Monday. Actually scrap that, I'd still download it just so I can watch it when I want. Netflix had the right idea with Breaking Bad, but then I wouldn't pay for Netflix either as most of it is old tosh... OK the industry is screwed, get over it. Some people will still pay for stuff.
  • jokester2
    “We asked the sites to stop infringing copyright but unfortunately they did not and we were left with little choice but to apply to the court,” Have they changed the definition of "infringing copyright" ??? Not one of these torrent sites host any copyrighted material and do not infringe copyright in any way, despite the ridiculous claims of the MPAA and RIAA.
  • jim
    Love it, video media is trapped in the days of broadcast TV. They keep trying to fight the future by closing websites that anyone with half a brain can work around. All the while in the land of gaming DRM packaged Steam becomes bigger than Xbox live with people paying for games they won't even play. They've laid a proven blueprint for digital media distribution is just the fucktards at MPAA and RIAA aren't smart enough to emulate it.
  • casual p.
    i had 5 of these sites up on my bookmarks bar within 12 hours of the block, i have 5 proxies up replacing them "newalbumreleases"? never heard of that site - sound interesting, will give it a try (and tell my friends) thanks for the "heads up" on that one BPI

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