An MP3 for for 29p - Amazon take on Apple's music muscle

If you're a thieving cyber-criminal scumbag who deserves to be banged up for stealing Lady Ga Ga's latest offering, then you won't care that Amazon has started up a price war against Apple. For the rest of us well-behaved citizens, it's good news for our music collections and our wallets.

Amazon has cut the price of more than 100 tracks to just 29p, just as Apple have introduced a new three tier structure that see tracks priced at either 59p, 79p or 99p. Bitterwallet has reviewed the current iTunes top 100 tracks and found just one for 59p, while 13 tracks are 99p - the rest being priced at the usual 79p. Even while plumbing the depths of our questionable indie tastes - Jesus Jones, Catatonia, Octopus, The Supernaturals, Dubstar etc - we failed to find a single track valued at 59p.

Meanwhile Amazon are mixing up a wide selection of tracks, from current chart releases to classics as diverse as Smells like Teen Spirit and Eye of the Tiger for just 29p. Of course Amazon are unlikely to snatch any significant amount of Apple's market by offering just a few dozen tracks at a reduced price, but it could mark the start of a turf war that means the consumer sees music fall further in price.

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  • magicbeans
    if u download from amazon it goes straight to into ur defo worth doing!

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