All hail the vagina pizza!

In Manchester's leafy Chorlton, where everyone bathes in almond milk and has bees in their always sunny gardens, you'll find a great big Morrisons. This is the kind of Morrisons where all the customers look like members of '70s acid-folk bands like Pentangle, and the checkouts beep in DADGAD.

So it didn't surprise many that they'd be selling a pizza with a vagina on it, because y'know, hippies.


This looks like something straight out of the feminist book shop on Portlandia. Provided the cheese that's on top is vegan and has been anywhere near oppression.

Of course, this was an accident and it wasn't meant to be a meaty vagina. You might be thinking that it is an all-seeing eye or something, but alas, the bits of sausage were arranged to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. That's right, it is an innocent rugby ball.

Now, you can insert your own jokes about 'food porn' and England's rugby team being a load of gash, here.


  • bill
    The edges would be so unsatisfying to bite into. And then the middle you'd just end up with a mouth of muff!
  • monkeyhanger
    Topped with beef curtains?
    its DADGAD
  • Keith t.
    A well stuffed crust!

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