All hail the self-cleaning shirt!

Slovenly? Then you might be interested in a self-cleaning shirt from Wool&Prince. They've done a Kickstarter project which is offering a new wool shirt can, according to them, be worn for 100 days without needing to be washed.

Apparently, this super shirt has fabric is naturally resistant to odours and creasing, which is great news if you're spectacularly lazy.


The company say that they've got wool that can be bent back on itself 20,000 times without breaking and that wool is more efficient at absorbing sweat than cotton. Obviously, it isn't resistant to stains, so it all seems a bit daft really.

A spokesman for Wool&Prince said they'd be surprised if customers actually went three months without washing the shirt, but they are happy to be tested out on it, saying: "If you want to go for the 100 Day Challenge, we aren't going to stop you."

If you want one, click here, you dirty git.


  • Dr w.
    wank pants?
  • wank p.
    Yes darling? You called?
  • Jasmine M.
    But what about if, like, you forgot and wore it for 101 days. You forgot to mark every day off on your calendar of shirt wear. Would it die and go to shirt heaven, perpetually hanging from Gods clouds from winged pegs? Or would it just suddenly start to smell like old man wee? Which is what men smell like anyway.

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