All hail the Ian Beale Nike trainers!

Did you know that you can get personalised trainers with your name on them, or whatever you want? Both Adidas and Nike do the personalised trainer thing, so when one fella decided to get some Nike runners with something on the back, he didn't account for his mates mucking about.

Mid-order, Danny Hunter took his eye off the ball, leaving his computer unattended, and didn't realise that his Roshe kicks said 'Ian Beale' on the heel.

And he pressed 'buy'.

ian beale trainers

The photo was whacked up on Facebook, where everyone had a lovely time laughing at the customised sneaks, and of course, making comments about the hairiness of Hunter's ankles.

The comment again: "Danny Hunter made some trainers on Nike ID last week in college and someone has changed the personalised writing on the back to “Ian Beale” when he wasn’t looking, he orders them without double checking and they turn up to his door like this – 105 quid well spent best thing I’ve ever seen – Nike Roshe Run Ian Beale editions."

Marvellous work. We want some Elsie Tanner trainers now!


  • Jessie J.
    Well for £105 you can have Elsie Tanner, Vera Duckworths what I'm gonna be wearing!! Baby, baby got me feelin' so right.
  • Father J.
    What sort of bellend pays £105 for a pair of trainers with their name on the back? Only someone so inbred that they can't even tell when they don't spell his name anymore. Verdict: CABBAGE.
  • Dave
    105 quid on trainers? He was an idiot well before he got Ian Beale shoes.

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