All hail the brilliant Tennent's letter

Someone in Scotland, taking the Michael of course, and apparently got in touch with Tennent's basically asking them to organise a piss-up in a brewery, and Tennet's 'replied'.

A fan of the booze asked the beer vendors if they could "hold a giant sesh", with references to happy hardcore royalty DJ Hixxy thrown in too. The response is doing the rounds and bringing cheer, which is all we ask for.

Here's the letter.


We're particularly fond of the line that says: "‘I'm not sure if it was typo or a drug reference when you said your mate’s wee sister loves to get wined and lined but it won’t be happening in this establishment."

George Kyle, head of PR at Tennent’s Lager, said: "We’re glad to say that the letter isn't actually real. Someone’s just gone to extraordinary lengths to try and get a free pint – or a few retweets on Twitter."

We hope they got some cans out of it, at least.

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