All hail the armpit fan!

All hail the armpit fan!

Are you someone who suffers from being sweaty? The UK finally looks like it'll be getting some sunshine, and you're probably thinking about how moist you'll be getting.

No worries though (yes, we considered saying 'no sweat' there), as there's a daft little gadget you can buy which will keep your pits fresh!

A Japanese company called Thanko (great name) are selling clip-on armpit air fans. You can see their site here.

Each device needs two AAA batteries, and will blow cool air on your pits for somewhere between five and nine hours, depending on how hard you make them blow.

Or, if you're only using them on your desk, you can power them via USB.

Such breezy pits aren't cheap though - these little rascals will set you back £27 for a pair.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could clip these to the back of your trousers to keep your crack cool during summer too. Or you could just waft yourself with a free newspaper, but that's not nearly as fancy.

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