All hail Burger King's burger perfume!

19 March 2015

The amount of Z-list celebrities that have their own fragrance range, it is only fair that Burger King have their own too. Over in That Japan, Burger King are offering you meat lovers the chance to buy their new perfume called 'Flame Grilled'.

Pop some of it on your wrists and behind the ears, and soon enough, you'll have every dog in town following you around while vagrants lick your skin. It'll cost you £27ish, and will come with a Whopper, which is just great. When you run out of 'Flame Grilled', maybe you can just wipe an actual burger under your armpits?

burger king perfume

Of course, BK devotees will know that this isn't the first fragrance released by the fast food outlet. Back in 2008, Burger King gave 'Flame' to the world, which was described as smelling like a mixture of Lynx deodorant and YSL, but 'not very meaty'.

Hopefully, this new one just smells like cooked burger grease. Here's an advert for 'Flame' - we look forward to BW readers telling us about wearing the new one on a first date.

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