Aldi are selling olive oil 'poo'

After putting the C-word on a packet of crackers, Aldi's graphic design team are at it again, showing the importance of choosing a decent typeface for a product.

Now, thanks to a lousy font, Aldi are selling olive oil poo.


Of course, it isn't meant to say 'poo', but rather, 'PDO' which stands for Protected Designation of Origin, like you care (they have to put that on the label thanks to EU rules).

Aldi have had this pointed out to them on their Facebook page and have said that they'll look into it. Whether that means they'll be having a word with the graphic designers, to see which other dirty words they can spell by 'accident', remains to be seen.

And if you missed the filthy mouthed crackers and didn't click the link above, have a look at this.


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