Ain’t no party like a South Korean potato party!

If you thought the North Koreans and their state sponsored haircuts were mental, South Korea is winning the war on crazy with their latest fad, the ‘potato party.’

Fat kids everywhere are ordering massive amounts of fries from McDonalds, piling them onto a table and taking photos of themselves scoffing them. Nobody really understands why.

Apparently it all started in Japan, where last October McDonalds had a sale on fries, and kids went mad for competitive eating and posting photos on Facebook. Then, as so often happens with stupid kids, these carb-o-riffic feasts soon got out of control, with some groups eating 60 packets in a session.

In South Korea, a group of 12 children were recently kicked out of McDonalds for attempting to stuff £165 worth of fries down their hideous oily Gangnam gullets.

Still, it’s one way to control the population.

*winks knowingly at Kim Jong Un*


  • Idi A.
    A more effective way to control the population is to look like Kim Jong Un.
  • Dick
    The fat is bad, but the salt content of that pile must be huge.
  • Darren
    "their hideous oily Gangnam gullets." That's a bit racist. this site really is going down the pan, your stories seem more about being on the edge and offending than reporting the news in the last week. I understand you are new Lucy, and you maybe reading the comments and realise that a lot of commenter's talk crap, but not very appropriate for the articles to be. next you will be taking the piss out of poor innocent foxes. If this continues I will pass it on to who ever the official body is, as I don't mind comedy, but racism is not acceptable EVER!
  • Dick
    ^ When has BW ever been about reporting news in the last week?
  • Darren
    @Dick, Badly worded. I meant; that over the last week, the language used by the editors had been really bad reporting the (old) news.
  • Big M.
    Instead of a 'Potato Party' why not a more healthy fruit & veg option? Anyone up for a Lemon Party at mine?
  • Mike O.
    @Big Mozzer Are you taking the pith?
  • chewbacca
    @Derren You're new here, right? Anyway, it's fun to take the piss out of the slanty eyed. As long as we don't offend the Ally followers, you know? Cos they're fucking un-fucking-touchable.

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