Advert says 'all our customers are dead'

If the name of Trudy's Looking Glass Salon wasn't eerie enough, an advert for the beauty parlour spotted online, goes further by announcing that most of her customers are dead.

It says "New customers wanted: Sadly, many of our beloved senior customers have gone to heaven. We need some new angels to fill our chairs". Sounds like a good place to go and dye, eh readers?




  • Reader
    Pretty good pun. Doesn't make up for the fact that this has nothing to do with UK.
  • not f.
    Spotted online? Looks like a picture of a magazine advert if you ask me
  • Late
    Do you suppose Sweeney Todd has a pie shop in the property below Trudy's?
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Bit odd - the main article says "Advert says: All our customers are dead" and yet clearly it doesnt say that. Another non-entity of an article. Come on BW... surely you are better than this?
  • Dick
    Is her store called BLONDE DIE BITCH?
  • fibbingarchie
    Did anyone notice the terms and conditions on the coupon? The discount on your haircut isn't applicable if you've got long hair O_o
  • Not H.
    1999 called. It wants it's internet pictures back
  • Yul c.
    $38! Rip off. I go for the smooth if slightly decomposed look.

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