A third off all ODEON tickets for the rest of the month!

Bitterwallet - a third off ODEON ticketsA promo email had dropped into the inbox that may save you selling an organ when entertaining the kids. ODEON Cinemas are offering a third off all standard tickets bought between 11 June and 1 July, for all films except Shrek Forever After. It's a cracking deal; for a family of four, it'll save you around a tenner.

All you need to do is visit the promotional page here, download the voucher and print off one copy for every ticket you'd like to buy. There are a few terms and conditions, the key one being that vouchers can only be used when buying tickets at the box office; don't book them online and expect a rebate or anything silly like that.


  • QwErTy
    Can you combine this with orange wednesdays? Come on, give us more deals... !! And what about cineworld unlimited... is that infact a better deal than this?! I think so if you vist more than once. pah!
  • Paul S.
    No, you can't combine it with Orange Wednesdays - not being able to combine offers and vouchers is a pretty standard term and condition.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Any film except Shrek Forever... the only bloody film worth watching over the coming weeks :(
  • kelly_o_fanatic
    Anyone know if you could use this with a CEA card (thats a carers card that gets the carer in free with the person they care for)
  • Steve J.
    What's so special about Shrek that it's not included?
  • Galaxy
    Didn't think ODEN cinema's still exsisted. It's 2010 just shut them down already.
  • Stuart b.
    Trouble is, ODEONs are shite, crap seats, crap screens, crap staff, crap food, crap all over the floors. Great idea to get you in to buy 'flumps' and popcorn at extortionate prices.

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