A t-shirt, to be worn once a month

8 October 2013

Fancy buying a lovely jersey cotton, sweatshop-free T-shirt, that features a graphic illustration of a massive vagina menstruating while the owner has a bit of a fiddle?

Good news! You can! American Apparel are selling a shirt called "Period Power" which features exactly that!

vagina t-shirt

Of course, this tee is making a statement and some of the proceeds go to The Ardorous, who are an all-female online art collective. Yours, if you want it, for $32.

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast.


  • Captain.Cretin
    I am fairly certain that wearing this in public in the UK would get you arrested.
  • Dosser
    Look at me! Look how outrageous I am! Look!
  • shiftynifty
    Thats so last year..period...as the americans would say
  • The C.
    Someone needs a shave
  • Orange M.
    Ideal if you often spill jam down your top.
  • Kapitein Z.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    The one on the right is a bloke! What man in his right mind would wear shit like that?! I'd rather toss my £19.90 down the fucking drain than buy that, and yes, you would be arrested. Also, bit hairy, don't you think.
  • Mark W.
    Artist is Canadian. They have other designs too!
  • Mike O.
    "Bloody" hell!
  • Jelu
    We're such a weird society aren't we? We consume endless amounts of hardcore, often violent pornography, but don't discuss it openly. Then, a line drawing of something that occurs every single month for all girls is deemed gross? Oh, and shock horror a bunch of porn obsessed douches comment on how hairy the girl is. Well, that's what it looks like down there when you don't subject yourself to torturous waxing or rash inducing shaving geniuses. Just a generation ago, and for all time prior to the last fifteen years, that was deemed sexy as fuck. I always used to think people were wrong when they called The English prudes, as I've grown up though, I realise we really are. I think the t-shirt's funny. I'm definitely buying one. The over reaction to them is indicative of how important it is to wear it I think.
    The thumb just looks odd.
  • Old G.
    @FACTMAN Never mind the thumb, why the different coloured nail varnish on each finger? It would've looked far more attractive if the nails were all coloured red. Actually no, that might look like it's nail varnish flowing down. Let's go for purple . . . nah still too close. How about a turquoise blue? That's it! Thanks OP, ordered one!
  • Teddy E.
    That reminds me. I need to get the painters in.

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