McDonald's defy quantum physics with sign

Following on from WH Smith's utterly bizarre take on where you can drink booze, McDonald's are getting all quantum theory on our asses with a sign that melts the mind.

It seems that this particular Maccies has a worm hole in it.


As you can see, the sign doesn't say that you can use either lane to place your order, but rather, you should use 'both'. Why McDonald's would want you to be in two places at the same time is beyond us.

Maybe this particular branch is for Sam Beckett and Al, only?



  • Albi
    Its's addressing the general public presumably, as opposed to you as an individual, in which case it does make sense.
  • JonB
    This one's a bit tenuous. They could mean use one lane after the other rather than simultaneously.
  • Phil
    I'll be the first quasi-geek to comment. I don't think that would be defying the laws of quantum physics quite the opposite.
  • X
    cafe Nero in kings cross has a very similar sign about forming two queues
  • Big M.
    Phil beat me to it with the quantum physics comment. Also the sign in addressing traffic - vehicles on a moving highway. It isn't addressing an individual. Therefore the instruction to use both lanes makes perfect sense. I'm sure there are other examples of this, even on public roads, but can't be bothered to look. Who ever 'spotted' this is a knob / nob.
  • This L.
    [...] McDonald’s defy quantum physics with sign [...]
  • Quanto B.
    I agree with Phil, but not Albi. If the sign referred to the general public then it would state 'use both lanes to place your orders', as it stands, it suggests that both lanes should be used to place one order.
  • Grammar N.
    Even I think this is pushing it a little.
  • Luke
    Simply put: Don't all stack up in one lane. Not rocket science, is it?
  • Don G.
    Blx, I was impressing the young office intern with my convertible Peugeot, took her for a slap-up meal at MacD's prior to a bit of slap and tickle afterwards, and now my missus wants to know what my car is doing in a MacD's car park when I was supposed to be working late at the office. How do I demand a takedown notice?
  • Sheogorath
    @ Don Giovanni: Don't. You could probably use the right to be forgotten law even if you're not an EU citizen, but wouldn't it just be easier to simply tell your wife that because you were working so long, you simply got hungry as people do? Simples!
  • Mushroom
    This is called parallel processing in Computing. It means you can get the order processed twice as quick.

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