62% of women check their phones during sex

23 July 2013

mobile phone user
"Can I call you back? I'm just having a shag."

Apparently, 62% of women in Britain have interrupted sex so they can check their mobiles. Fine if you're livetweeting your ruttings; not so great if your partner is so tedious that you feel compelled to read the Sky Sports app to see if Suarez has bitten anyone again.

The survey, in which 1,747 men and women were polled by VoucherCodesPro, found that only 48% of men stopped shagging for the same reason.

So why are people stopping themselves while on the job? The most popular reason for interrupting sex was to answer a call (34%), while 24% have paused to read or reply to a text. 22% admitted to reading or replying to emails during a sexual encounter, with an appalling 12% saying that they've made phone calls.

4% have stopped sex to check or update a social network... presumably a number of those shared a selfie on Instagram while someone was burrowed in their nether-regions.

VoucherCodesPro spokesman George Charles said: "The results of this study, although amusing at first, do pose the question of just how much we have all allowed technology to dominate our lives.

"It is particularly shocking that more women confessed to checking their phones during intimate moments than men.

"Yes, our lives are hectic and full of work and personal commitments, but surely we can all still take the time to dedicate ourselves to a little romance now and again without the constant need to check our mobile phones?"

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  • fibbingarchie
    Men, if this happens to you, get your own back by talking loudly into her fanny about your favourite ex.
  • joebloggs
    I sometimes get my girl to call up one of her friends while we are doing it. I love seeing her struggle with her sentences and noise level. ;)
  • joulupukki
    @ joebloggs What, in case she falls asleep?
  • OfficerDibble
    These figures are complete bullshit and only include phone calls made during consensual sex!!
  • Mongo D.
    Lucy Sweet write articles while Mongo do her, hence poor quality of articles, also Mongo has more dainty hands than Lucy.
  • Dick
    Probably just arranging their next client.
  • Captain W.
    Absolute bullshit, women like to go on and on during phone calls for hours. How will they bore the person on the other end of the line senseless with just 20 seconds or so to make the call?

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