Zoombits – STILL playing fast and loose with customers’ cash and goodwill?

6 June 2010

Not so long ago, we highlighted the ‘unusual’ practices of Zoombits, an online purveyor of memory card and computer accessories. It seemed that they regularly had problems with their stock levels and the time it took for them to issue refunds to customers.

Now there’s more. Over at HotUKDeals, site member D-C-S has been suffering at the hands of Zoombits and their refund policy.


He says: “I ordered some RAM from Zoombits a few days ago and the order has stated 'Ready to print' for a while so I spoke to 'Matthew' on the live chat facility who told me it is currently out of stock. I asked for the order to be cancelled and he told me that apparently I am not entitled to cancel as it is RAM and therefore non refundable/returnable. I knew this when I ordered and if I cannot get a refund then that's fine I'll wait for the item to come in stock, my concern is that the item will never come into stock and I will be £68 out of pocket with nothing to show for it. I stated this in the live chat and, unless I misinterpreted what he said, even if it does not come into stock then they will not return my money.”

Here’s a transcript of his online chat with ‘Matthew’ at Zoombits...

info: You are now chatting with 'matthew'

matthew: Welcome to Live Chat. How can we help?

you: Hi, I ordered something from you two days ago and it says on the order status 'Ready to Print,' what does that mean?

matthew: order number please

you: xxxxxxxx

matthew: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

you: ok

matthew: your item you have ordered is currently out of stock

you: ok, do you know how long stock will take to be in?

matthew: I will be right with you.

matthew: i dont have time sclae at moment but hopefully should not be to long

you: ok, sadly I think I'll need to cancel the order as I need it by next week at the latest

matthew: as you ordered RAM item is non exchangeable or refundable as per terms and conditions on our website

you: right so if the item does not come in stock will you then refund me?

matthew: no coz RAM is none refundable only if RAM is faulty then we refund

you: so if it does not become available and I am waiting indefinitely then I will not receive a refund?

matthew: yes that is correct

you: ok, thanks for that

matthew: You're very welcome and have a nice day...

Obviously D-C-S wasn’t prepared to leave it at that, and after making a subsequent phone call, he says that his order status is listed as ‘being refunded’ – although given Zoombits’ track record, who knows how long it will take for him to see his money again.

So Zoombits then. Approach with caution, people.

ADDENDUM: Since the publication of this article, we have been asked to point out that Zoombits is now trading under new management.


  • Ad
    So you call up your credit card company and issue a chargeback which costs them half the amount they took for the RAM. No contract exists until goods are dispatched (and therefore the terms and conditions aren't yet applicable). Zoombits aren't allowed to issue anything more than a pre-authorisation on your card unless goods are ready to ship at the time of the transaction. 8 years in fair and honest online retail and counting. Ad
  • Mark
    I queried this too (in my usual way) and was told to stop using the customer chat facility or they would contact the police. I helpfully offered to do that for them when I was in town visiting trading standards. Really micky mouse company. Been a while since we've seen one quite as bent as this eh?
  • Aginoth
    Under UK law and regardless of the T and Cs on the website you have the following rights. You are entitled to a full refund under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 which gives a 7 day cooling off period. See OFT website at http://tinyurl.com/2who5b9. By law teh seller must inform you of this right to cancellation (regulation 13) The consumer has an automatic right to cancel and rescind the contract at any time from formation of the contract until seven working days after the goods are delivered; or for service contracts, seven working days after the contract was formed (this may be before the service has been performed).[7] Where the supplier has not provided the consumer with all the required information, the consumer has an automatic right to rescind the contract within three months and seven days of delivery of the goods, or of formation of the contract (service contracts).[8] The automatic right does not apply to contracts for: * products of fluctuating price.[9] * audio or video recordings or computer software if they are unsealed by the consumer[10] * supply of periodicals or newspapers[11] * Gambling purposes.[12] * Customised products. Effects of Cancellation. reg 14 provides that the supplier shall reimburse the consumer within thirty days of the notice of cancellation being given (including delivery costs). reg 17 provides that the consumer is expected to take reasonable care of goods and deliver them to their door upon collection by the supplier. If the supplier has not tendered the goods within 21 days after notice of cancellation was given, the consumer can treat them as unsolicited goods.[13]
  • mrkglstn
    CCA only covers you for purchase of >£100, so £68 wouldnt be covered...Most CC companies (if worth their salt) will still write to them on your behalf
  • Alex
    The only comment I will make is in agreement with Ad. Stop wasting your time and call your credit card company stating non receipt. If the value of the order exceeds £100 then the credit card company is also liable under CCA. If they receive too many charge-backs then the merchant provider will question the facility and may withdraw it. Also if the company is within the EU then they are required to comply with the DSR (2000) you may cancel within 7 days if DSR was provided to you, otherwise the time of DSR does not begin until you are given the terms explaining DSR.
  • WTF
  • Jezebel M.
    The company isn't within the EU, it's in Jersey. It's time the British or the French invaded Jersey - I don't mind which - and took it over so they paid VAT and were subject to European consumer law. Anyway, I'm in the market for an 8GB micro SD card. I am definitely going to buy it from someone else. Probably Play.com or 7 Day Shop, but I think they're in Guernsey, not Jersey.
  • Matthew n.
    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you all know not to buy from me at zoombits coz we're a bunch of rip of arse merchants who couldn't give a shit about you once we have your money. We need the money to buy iPhones and BMW/Audis to make ourselves look good infront of the women, as we are spotty geeky fuck wits of the highest order. Is there anything else I can help you with? Good, fuck off then! Matthew
  • Mike H.
    Moral of the story? Don't be a cheapskate and buy from reputable dealers.
  • Wonky H.
    reputable dealers like eBuyer and Novatech ?
  • Mike H.
    No, GC's PC's are reputable
  • James D.
    Try overclockers next time. If you're a stinge and you probably are, you can try eBuyer but you'll be chancing it whether you receive anything at all/correct goods/goods not stamped on.
  • Wonky H.
    Our rep at Novatech admitted to me on the phone that he used to delete emails without reading them, hence why my mice hadn't turned up. He also used to kick a ball of electrical tape around all day avoiding any work by keeping his phone on voice mail most of the time.
  • Wonky H.
    What about people that give you money?
  • James D.
    What are you talking about Henry?
  • Wonky H.
    Your mum.
  • james d.
    i had a chat with matthew matthew: Welcome to Live Chat. How can we help? you: hi you: I was concidering purchasing some ram from you you: but I now understand that if you cannot deliver my RAM you: then you will keep my money you: is that correct? matthew: Ram is non refundable and non exchangeable unless item if faulty you: so just to be clear, you cant deliver an item to me that I paid for you: and under no circumstances would you give my money back matthew: we can deliver to you but RAM is non refundable and non exchangeable unless faulty you: well that sounds like stealing to me you: lets see what the good people of the internet think
  • reese
    that conversation smells of india to me
  • bertos
    Ref: Zoombits I would never in a month of sundays recommend anyone to shop at this site, the service is perfectic... i ordered 2 x sd cards and a card reader, for a present for my friend.. placed an order at the begining of August and for some reason they were happy to take my money, but i didnt get any comfirmation to my orders whats so ever.. i wrote asking for details of the delivery 2 later, with no luck whats so ever of a reply... it was 4 days later, when i wrote again asking about the state of my order i was told the items had been placed for dispatch and i have to wait 15 days not including the bank holiday and the weekend also... i sent e mail after e mail asking for details with nothing in reply.. it was the end of August i finally received a mail from them tell me my oder was dispatch september... why did i have to wait for so long to be told a pack of lies from start to finish.. in the end the items never turned up after another 15days, but at least i got my refund a couple of days later... taking me to the middle of september and having to look else where for the items i needed... Shoddy service' crap feed back.. web site run by amatures who don,t know a thing what they are doing.. one very pissed off customer.. DO NOT SHOP AT THIS SITE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....
  • Nikki
    I ordered a media player from this company back in august which turned out to be faulty, I returned it as per there instructions but after a month still had heard nothing. Sent them numerous emails only recieving automated replies. Spoke to a rep via live chat and was told that they have been taken over, so have no record of my order/return so will therefore not receive a refund......Thanks for that!!!! BEWARE OF THIS DODGY COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lesa B.
    How To Make Money Online For Free For A 15 Year Old?: I’ve heard of those survey things, and I want to sign up for
  • Bill
    I've spent a lot of money with 'Zoombits' or 'Memorybits' as they were, over the last few years. Surprisingly, most things arrived on time. Those that didn't had a full explanation provided and in the single instance of a refund it was within seven days. Unusually, I have no complaints whatsoever to date about this company... and no... I do not own the site.
  • Neil
    I have just used Zoombits (through Amazon) and ordered a Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+ media player, which although arrived very fast and was brand new, it fell apart when I tried to plug in a hdmi cable! lol I contacted Zoombits who were very apologetic and offered me a replacement, but I didn't want to risk it in case it wasn't a one off, and a day later I received a refund before I even shipped the item back! So although they may have been bad in the past I can say for certain that under new management they offer excellent customer service and I highly recommend them, but be wary of anything from Sumvision!

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