Why are we paying more for computers and TVs than Americans?

22 July 2014

white ps4 playstation WAIT A MINUTE. We good citizens of Blighty are paying a ton more for electrical products like laptops, games consoles and tellies than Americans – sometimes up to £402.

Which!!! pitted US prices against UK prices on 13 products, including TVs, games consoles, headphones and even computer software, and found that UK customers are getting the less fragrant end of the stick.

One Samsung TV was £402 more expensive in Britain, while a Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop was £194 more. Meanwhile, Xbox Ones and Playstation 4 cost £57 more than in the US. Software is also astronomical – Adobe Creative Cloud costs £114, and Microsoft Office is £89 more. And the list goes on...

Why? Well it’s not particularly clear. Which! attempted to contact a variety of companies to ask why Britain was paying over the odds and got nothing but mumbles, bumbles and fumbles. Most didn’t bother to reply, and Amazon said something incoherent about ‘different operating costs in each country.’

WTF, Richard Lloyd from Which!!!: "UK consumers are getting a raw deal by paying up to hundreds of pounds more for the same tech products on sale in the US.' Manufacturers should play fair and explain why consumers are paying more for buying in the UK."

Damn right.


  • SatansCodpiece
    They won't explain. Why should they? It's a free market isn't it? If you don't like the prices, don't buy the products. If enough people do that, the prices will come down. Basic supply and demand.
  • Which!%!^! f.
    Really? off the top of my head I can think of a bunch of reasons. - Bulk buying power, the US has a population 5 times ours. - Sales tax (US version of VAT) in the US varies from state to state (from nothing to 10%ish) so they list prices excluding it, always remember to add 20% when comparing, as the EU and Westminster governments as they need the money for things like moats and giving Amazon massive kickbacks for killing the high street off. -The US is closer to the Far East where most electricals are made meaning they need less fuel to ship between the two, ours come halfway round the world. -Labour costs are cheaper in the US (min wage is 25% lower there). They also have a lot less rights than UK employees(US workers have no minimum holiday allowance, we have 28 days a year). -We have a lot more consumer and green legislation as well as other bureaucracy (thank you EU) that adds costs either directly or indirectly because of additional processes required to retailers and manufacturers such as WEEE and DSR. -US firms don't have to deal with [email protected]> magazine wasting their time with useless and daft questions. By the way I compared the Macbook Pro MD101 13 inch laptop on amazon.co.uk vs amazon.com and factoring in the VAT it's £25 cheaper in the UK so as usual Which!:>[email protected]} are talking a load of b#ll#cks.
  • Euan
    Sales tax is a red herring - Which?!?!?? compared prices *excluding* taxes.
  • Euan
    And there's no excuse for products like Adobe's Creative Cloud which are non-physical licences...
  • Why I.
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