Which! want an end to 'intrusive and distressing' nuisance calls from PPI firms

19 March 2013

Saviours of the entire world, Which!!!, want to someone to stop us all from being spammed with nuisance calls and texts from PPI and personal injury firms, haranguing us all into making claims.

According to statistics, seven out of ten people in the last three months have been cold called by companies, while two-fifths have received an unsolicited text message. And so, Which%"|! want Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading to get together and stop 'intrusive and distressing' calls and texts.

While the Ofcom/OFT dreamteam are at it, they should put an end to unwanted calls from double glazing firms and market research companies.

Banks have also been complaining about credit management companies, saying that they typically take a quarter of any payout and have made their own efforts to pay compensation far more complicated and have upped the amount of bogus claims. However, you could argue that these CMCs are alerting people to money they didn't know they were owed.

Either way, Which<<< want to see a tag-team to make sure these CMCs are playing fairly and the threat of fines should see to that.

Richard Lloyd, Which!!!!!! executive director, said: "Unwanted calls or texts are not just a nuisance, they can be intrusive and distressing. Many of us have been bombarded with spurious claims of PPI or injury compensation, and people are telling us they are totally fed up with this nuisance and want to see action."

"Our research once again shows that the behaviour of unscrupulous claims management companies must be tackled to stop those exploiting consumers who could claim compensation for free themselves. We want to see tougher regulation from the Government to clean up the CMC industry."

A spokesperson for Ofcom said: "Ofcom has powers to take enforcement action against companies who breach rules on silent and abandoned calls and we take this issue extremely seriously. Ofcom is already playing an active role in the coordinated effort to tackle the wider issue of nuisance calls alongside other regulatory bodies and government."


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    Nice Mof. I await the sad fucks going on about WHICH! Whitch! Which?!? WITTY-CH(,)(,). Chil wit da 'erb
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    Much better article, Mof. I'm sure Chewbie will be along shortly to lend his praise.
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    Chill wit' da 'erb Nice article Moff (if that is you're reel name?) Copy and paste jobbi? Full off spelling mistakes as ever.

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