Which! votes Caffe Nero best on high street

For years, everyone thought that Caffe Nero was an unremarkable fake mahogany rest stop, ideal for meeting people you don’t want to talk to for very long. It was just there, serving OK but not great coffee and lemon and poppy seed muffins. Nothing truly memorable could happen in a Caffe Nero – Tarantino was never going to write his next screenplay there, Russian spies were never going to use it as a rendezvous point. It was just another boring high street coffee shop.

caffe nero

But that’s ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE – thanks to Which! Yes, Britain’s favourite consumer magazine has sprinkled its magic dust on the coffee chain’s cappuccinos and declared that it sells best coffee on the high street.

The Which! coffee expert, Giles Hilton, tried an Americano and a cappuccino at 5 of the big high street chains, and Caffe Nero beat Costa, M&S café, Pret A Manger and Starbucks hands down.

While I personally thought their Americanos were like drinking lukewarm diesel oil mixed with badger piss, Giles has decreed that ‘you can taste a rich smoothness you'd expect of a Central American coffee with an edge of spiciness indicative of an African coffee.’

Who knew?


  • Gof M.
    Lucy you are really crap at sarcasm. I bet you spend a fortune on Skinny Coffee and then put loads of syrup in it and wonder why you are still fat
  • Strawbear
    Is it just me or has this website really, I mean really, gone downhill in the last 6 months or so? Now it's all highschool pisstaking from the writers and in the comment box. Didn't there used to be, you know, actual articles, sometimes things you'd not see elsewhere, rather than incessant cynicism aimed at people who read the Daily Star? Lucy's pretty bad (forced and overly elaborate, trying way too hard) but then again they're all bad. Well time to take it off the bookmarks then. Fare you well, you bunch of lazy ass bastards.
  • Alexis
    Erm, I don't think this site is meant to be for breaking news. It's supposed to be for entertainment FFS.
  • jiggle
    i like high school piss taking.
  • I m.
    Voted cold, can't buy Tennants there. HNNNGGGGGG
  • tom
    jiggle you pedo
  • jk
    I'm with you Strawbear! it's gone downhill and fast. Does the writer even drink coffee? Anybody with half a tastebud could tell you that Cafe Nero has served far superior coffee than all the others for years; with Starbucks' watered down cup of brown bringing up the rear if you ask me.
  • Marky M.
    Caffe Nero has always served my favourite coffee. I'm honestly baffled why Starbucks were even considered. How are they still in business? It's no better than the brown milky water you get served in hospital (yes, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire, I'm looking at you).

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