Which! dishwasher is the best?

23 December 2013

If you’re going to be bent over a knackered dishwasher this Christmas, trying to play Tetris with gravy covered plates, you might be thinking of upgrading to a new model.


Well, Which! have road tested a few and the results are revealing – the cheap ones are just as good as the really pricey ones. Dishwashers that came in around the £300 mark performed well, especially the winner, the Bosch SMS40C12GB, which costs £329 and came joint first with its slightly more expensive cousin the £349 Bosch SMS40A08GB (Honestly, I’m always getting those two mixed up).

Even the cheapest dishwashers on the market did the job without too much hassle. Beko and Indesit’s new models, which retail between £200 and £300, scored highly. And they were no slouches for saving energy, either. In fact, the £200 Beko got five stars for energy efficiency AND cleaning.

Richard Lloyd is probably in Hawaii, drinking a mojito with Nigella and Pierce Brosnan, but Which? dishwasher expert Yvette Fletcher said: 'As consumers continue to feel the pinch, more shoppers are on the look out for machines that use less water and energy. But no matter how water efficient it is, a dishwasher is no good if it leaves your dishes dirty or needing an extra rinse.'

You tell 'em, Yvette.

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