Which! blasts hidden charges on gig tickets

17 December 2013

If you’ve ever bought a ticket to a gig or event, you will probably have shouted at your computer screen about astronomical booking fees and credit card charges.


And for good reason. In fact, random and unclear extra charges on gig tickets can sometimes add up to 38% of the price of the actual tickets. That’s according to Which!, who also found that some ticket agencies are breaking the LAW by adding on the sneaky charges without telling anyone.

For example, Which! mystery shoppers bought a ticket to see Jimmy Carr (will these people stop at nothing to protect the consumer??) from the See Tickets website. On top of the £25 for the ticket, there was a £3 booking fee and a whopping £6.50 ‘transaction fee’. Ticketweb, who give Ryanair a run for their money, also charged customers £2.50 for printing out their tickets at home.

7 out of 20 ticket agencies failed to reveal their hidden charges upfront, which breaches a code of practice by the ASA. Which! are now urging ticketing companies to be nice with their ‘Play Fair’ campaign, and stop ripping off their customers with stupid fees.

And here's Richard Lloyd, standing on stage, mic in hand, wearing a pair of leather chaps.

‘Consumers tell us they are feeling ripped off by the level of ticketing charges, and the lack of transparency means it is almost impossible for people to compare prices when booking online. We want to see the ticketing industry 'Play Fair on Ticket Fees', so all charges are displayed upfront and with a clear explanation of what they're for.’



  • jo
    Never buuy from seetickets. Ordered seated tickets, got standing. Ordered tickets to a gig that got cancelled, they refused a refund and asked me to 'prove' that it had in fact been cancelled. What the hell.
  • ian
    ... and then there's the 41p/min 0844 or 0871 number to call when tickets fail to turn up or there is some other problem.

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