WHICH! are the best vacuum cleaners?

You don’t have to pay loads of money to pick up your fluff and crumbs – Which! has found (as they’re increasingly doing these days) that a cheaper vacuum cleaner can be as good as an expensive one. 11 cheaper models hoovered up praise in their survey, whereas the most pricey one – a Miele Hybrid, costing £450 - scored the same as a cheaper Miele version costing just £150.

bosch vacuum

The best was a Bosch BSG8PRO1GB Home Professional Cylinder Vacuum (with a bag), costing £263, and was particularly good for allergy sufferers and getting rid of animal hair. A cheaper version of the Bosch scored highly too – costing only £148 and scoring 77 out of 100 in the test.

Which! vacuum cleaner experts said: ‘While you can pay up to £450 for a vacuum cleaner, our testing shows that there is currently no real increase in quality once you go beyond £300, so don’t pay more than that if you can help it,'

They added: 'The range in prices of similar quality vacs can be astonishing. You can save £322 by not buying the £450 model that gets a test score of 77 per cent and spending £128 on a vac which gets 76 per cent. The difference between the two is tiny, with the cheaper model getting one star less in a couple of areas.'

So don’t splurge more than £300. But don’t go under the £100 mark, either, because that’s when they really start to suck. (Or not, as the case might be.) The big clangers in the test were the Vax Pets and Family upright, (£79.99) and the Asda Value cylinder (£25) – together, neither of them could hoover the Dorito dust from your belly button.


  • TK
    What is the name of the cheaper bosh one? My vac has just about given up and I could do with a replacement!!
  • Slacker
    Whatever vacuum cleaner you do buy, make sure it isn't a Dyson. These over-priced, overcomplicated shitheaps tend to work until a week past the warranty expires. If you have a broken one then throw it away - do not, under any circumstances, use their overhaul service as they will replace the parts with even worse Chinese crap than the ones it left the factory with.
  • Angry S.
    I hope that Dyson shite was exposed for the over-designed, over-engineered, overpriced crap it really is.
  • George C.
    I've had a Dyson for three years and it's been very good. Plus, fact fans, it's Malaysian crap, not Chinese.
  • Peter
    Ah, Which? I remember them, I was a member for many years until I realised how useless most of their testing was. In the space of a few weeks they reviewed broadband and failed to point out the critical difference between cable service and ADSL, and did a toaster review without including Dualit. Vacuum? There's a guy down the road with a van that says "Proud to be a Dyson engineer" but no sign of Miele engineer vans.
  • Slacker
    Fact Fan George - the replacement motor they fitted in mine was Chinese. How long you been working for Dyson then??

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