Which!!! are the best brands for 2015?

Bitterwallet - Which!We like brands. According to Which!!! more than half of people (53%) say brands can play a role in improving their quality of life and wellbeing, which is a bit weird in our opinion. However, Which!!! also found that people are twice as likely to choose brands that they trust. Every year Which!!! dish out awards to those brands they consider the most trusted, and this year’s shortlist is full, as you’d expect, of those brands we hear good things about, with dodgy delivery drivers, PPI-pushing bankers and famous coffee brands notably absent. And while some categories are stocked with market leading brands, like Apple and Ford, others have some more discerning brands, like Richer Sounds, which have made  it there, purely on the merits of their great customer experience.

The full shortlist is:

Best Car Manufacturer: BMW, Ford, Volkswagen

Best Banking Brand: First Direct, M&S Bank, Nationwide Building Society

Best Insurance Services Provider: John Lewis Financial Services, M&S Bank, NFU Mutual

Best Retailer: John Lewis, Lush, Richer Sounds, Screwfix, Wex Photographic

Best Supermarket: Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, Ocado, Waitrose

Best Computing Brand: Amazon, Apple, Samsung

Best Audio-Visual Brand: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony

Best Home Appliance Brand: Bosch, Miele, Samsung, Siemens

Best Telecom Services Provider: giffgaff, Plusnet, Tesco Mobile, Utility Warehouse

Best Photography Brand: Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony

Best Travel Company: Audley Travel, HF Holidays, Riviera Travel, Trailfinders

This year does see a raft of new names, but also some repeat nominees, like Waitrose, First Direct, Bosch and John Lewis who are all looking to repeat last year’s success. So is this a good shortlist? Are there any companies you consider ought to have been included? Which!!! are keen to point out that these awards are completely independent- in that brands cannot nominate themselves for an award. Instead, the shortlist is chosen by Which!!! experts based on research, testing, and  endorsements, as well as feedback from Which!!! members and the general public throughout the year.

Which!!! group chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: “Over the last eight years, consumers have expected more from businesses and increasingly reward those that provide excellent service. Our awards recognise that what's good for consumers is also good for business, and champions those who successfully set themselves apart by putting their customers at the heart of what they do.”

The winners will be announced on 17 June.


  • Mad B.
    Best Retailer Richer Sounds has always been one of my favourites, but recently the Birmingham branch fed me a plate of B.S. - trying to sell me a more expensive TV than the one I wanted (and they didnt have in stock), by claiming it wasnt really 4K, only 2.5K. I wound up in SuperFi across the road - getting a model up from the one I wanted for exactly the same money RS were asking for the "not in stock" model.
  • bhtb
    For the last time, it's Which? not Which!!! Why can't you get this simple fact right!!!
  • Martin
    How many people rate a brand without actually having something from that brand though?

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