When gentlemanly negotiation turns to beard-feeding...

It’s a story to warm the cockles of the heart – some men, a proposed lawnmower sale, a difference of opinion, the introduction of weaponry and the forced consumption of some facial hair.

It’s one for the ‘only in America’ file to be honest – the story of Kentucky man Harvey Westmoreland who tried to broker the sale of his tractor to two local men, only for the whole thing to go spectacularly wrong.

Harvey says: “[one of the men] Troy offered to buy it from me for two hundred and fifty dollars. I paid twenty bucks for it. He thought I was trying to cheat him. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, there were knives and guns and everything just went haywire.”

By 'haywire', Harvey means that the two prospective buyers cut off part of his beard and forced him to eat it at knifepoint. A classic buyer’s bargaining negotiation if ever there was one.

It all ended happily – the two men pleaded guilty to an assault charge, and as you’ll see from this video, Harvey’s beard has grown back to an acceptable length. As far as we can gather, he still owns the lawn mower and now that we all know he only paid twenty dollars for it, one of us could get a bargain without anybody getting hurt.


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