Wheels Come Off For Moaning Old Stan

If you’re not happy with the service you get, complain about it. Or so they say. But there has to come a time when you back off and learn to keep your trap shut. Even if you’re a proud 94-year old who served dutifully in the Second World War, fighting for the right to air your views without sanction.

Is It As Bad As This Stan? Thought Not.

Well tough luck Stan Lee (right, and no, not the Marvel comics one) because your local pub are refusing to include you in their Meals On Wheels service any longer. They’ve had enough of your claims that the meat is "like old boots"; the gravy tastes "like trench water"; the peas are "like bullets"; the stuffing is "like cotton wool"; and the carrots are "limp and floppy".

400 people eat those meals every week Stan and you’re the only one who’s got a problem with them. So there’s no more for you – you’ve cooked your goose. Or rather, you’re going to have to from now on.

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