Wedding venues warned of unfair charges

wedding cake Weddings are hassle enough, without the expense that surrounds them. Apparently, the average couple spend £21,000 on their big day, which is an insane amount of money.

One cost that sticks in the craw, is cancellation fees and deposits. Now, wedding venues are being told that they must be fairer when it comes to these charges, or else. Venues are being warned that they could be in breach of consumer law, by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

They've said that unfair cancellation policies are seeing couples being hit with 'considerable losses', which can total thousands of pounds.

Nisha Arora from CMA said: "Planning a wedding or any large event can be stressful. Consumers are particularly vulnerable when they are focusing on preparing for a special event and have paid significant sums up-front."

"Businesses need to treat their customers fairly and should not require unjustifiable, non-refundable deposits or impose unreasonable cancellation charges, which could mean customers lose a significant amount of money if they change their mind about the venue or have to call off the event."

"Unfair terms, even when a contract is signed, are not legally binding and we encourage any businesses which use advance payments and cancellation charges to review their terms to ensure they comply with consumer protection law. Many businesses in this sector comply with consumer protection law and engage in good business practices, but we urge others to raise their standards. Businesses that use unfair terms risk enforcement action."

Research has confirmed what we all already knew - that venues, photographers, DJs, and other wedding services, hike their prices up just because there's a wedding involved. This is something that will continue to be monitored.

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