We know it’s hot but put some clothes on, say supermarkets

You know what it’s like. You’ve run out of sausages and cider for your back garden Snoop Dogg-style pool party and you go to the shops – then you realise that you’re wearing nothing but a thong and a pair of flipflops.

nude shoppers

Tesco have been telling sweaty customers in Newquay, Cornwall to put tops on before entering the store and not to wander the aisles with bare feet. This isn’t the first time Tesco have implemented a dress code – a few years back they vetoed pyjamas and slippers. Now they’re telling us we can’t expose ourselves?

A spokesman for the Newquay branch explained: ‘In stores such as this one which are close to the beach, we ask that customers wear a T-shirt and shoes. Whilst we know that many people like to pop in quickly, we ask that people are considerate of others, as we want all of our customers to feel comfortable when shopping.’

Interestingly, though, they only mention tops and shoes – they don’t say anything about PANTS.

So go forth and dangle your bits near the chiller cabinet – Tesco says it’s fine.


  • Sporky M.
    It's time that fannies like this stop acting like cocks. They look like dicks. If only these tits knew they were arseholes they might give it up.
  • Justin A.
    It's a simple rule when it comes to being a shirtless bloke. Your own home, the beach and the pool acceptable. Maybe the park if you're not in everyone's face. Anywhere else? Get a top on. Includes nightclubs (unless it's a foam party), towns and cities.
  • B1zarroPrim3
    Why are blokes allowed to walk around topless anyway? As a male I demand equal rights. Let the women do it too!!!
  • fibbingarchie
    @ B1zarroPrim3 Careful what you wish for. The kind of woman to take up that kind of equal right is the kind of fat woman who looks like she's been skinned by a drunken chef with a rusty pastry knife, the scrapings then battered for a good 45 mins with a splintered rolling pin, before being spooned into a piping bag and squeezed back on to the skeleton of a much smaller, skinnier woman.....urghhhh!
  • james
    There's a bloke that hangs around the local park and reckons he's "buff". Keeps doing press ups on the path and pull ups on the kids play equipment - shirtless. Fucking poser.
  • Dick
    I saw a fat woman holding a fresh (but wrapped) chicken from the chiller cabinet against her stomach the other day to cool off. Fucking disgusting.

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