Killer salad alert! Sainsbury's have had to recall a batch of their bagged own-brand watercress after 15 people fell ill with E.coli - and 6 were hospitalised. The illnesses have been linked to watercress bought in the store in the last 6 weeks, including a watercress, spinach and rocket salad.


The supermarket has reacted by recalling six watercress products. The Food Standards Authority said on its website:

'Sainsbury’s is advising people not to consume any of these products and to return them to the store they were purchased from for a full refund. Investigations by the Food Standards Agency, Public Health England and local authorities are continuing and further information will be provided once it becomes available.'

No E.Coli has been discovered since the investigation began, but tests are continuing.
Sainsbury's said: 'We are urgently testing all similar products and have to date found no indication of contamination. We will of course keep customers fully updated.'

So if you bought any watercress-related products from Sainsbury's from August 1st, don't consume them. (Obviously, a salad you bought in August will be a bag of mush by now anyway, but be warned).

More proof, if needed, that salad is bad for you.


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    Happened in Germany a few years back, seems to be a "thing" with watercress for some reason. As that twat above me said, wash it first. You fucking maroons.
  • badger
    No E.coli in Greggs. That's a FACT, right there.
  • What T.
    Fucking pish website.
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    Can't say I didn't warn you.
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    'Maroon' is a racist term. You dozy maroon.
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    No, it was not me who could not spell whatever the fuck this "Tennant's" joke is about. I just think he is an utter twat!
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    I once knew a Dr E Collie
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    Do you think I actually read the shitty articles posted in here? I just come to this blog to insult Chewbacca!
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    I'm actually new to this website and I REALLY like these shitty articles. They've brightened up my Sunday considerably! Keep up the good work BW team! xxx
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    I looked patiently for the "twat above me" but as "Me" was the first post, there wasn't anyone above him/her. However, if you'd like to look for the "twat above me", you'll be spoilt for choice. :-D

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