Wanted - a half-decent review of the Next tablet PC

This is getting quite worrying. The Next tablet PC is clearly a lot of junk according to everyone who's tried it; nobody seems to have a good word to say about it. We've happily made it the booby prize in our birthday competition, but the concern is for Android fans that this type of product (unfairly) drags the OS into the gutter. On a wider level, cheap tablets like this aren't going to do the market any favours.

Following yesterday's review, here's the marvellous Rory Cellan-Jones putting the Next tablet PC to the test. At least, he would if he could get past the homepage:


  • DoubleBack
    But android is already in the gutter
  • The B.
    Oops, an iPhone user's found out how to use a keyboard, quick, someone phone Roy Castle, oh... errr Norris McWhirter, no? Look, just phone Guinness will you, yes, one of them's developed an opposable thumb.
  • ButterMan
    "the concern is for Android fans that this type of product (unfairly) drags the OS into the gutter. " How is it unfair? Have you used a Galaxy Tab? You are aware that "serious" hardware players are dropping plans for 2.2-based tablets and waiting for 3, because surprise surprise a smartphone OS is a difficult thing to scale when you have no baseline hardware specs?
  • PaulH
    What a complete arse candle - "I'd like to show you the brower and other features but I cant be bothered" FU! I'll just complain a little bit more while I stroke my massive iPad
  • Marky M.
    @ The Real Bob So Next import a piece of crap and somehow Apple is at fault for making something better? Tell you what, YOU buy a Next tablet so you can show off your decision-making skills.
  • Touchwood
    Did Rory say "piece of shit" or "piece of kit"?
  • PaulH
    @Touchwood I don't know...something about being gay...
  • wobinb
    Ok, there must be something this piece of shit is good at. By january these will have been returned to Next, who will hopefully get rid of them as cheap as possible. So can anyone come up with a use for them (that doesn't include foxes)?
  • Cy B.
    Have we had any comments about Next Tablets being hard to swallow?
  • Spankypants
    I didn't realise people bought a tablet PC because they wanted it to work, I thought it was just about being a showy cunt in Starbucks.
  • hippy1001
    Why would a company, any company buy a bulk load of hardware thats not properly working? Thats what i got from that video. Its nothing to do with android. Its to do with the hardware making up the tablet, or maybe lack of hardware. Cheap components, not enough memory, slow flash drives and processor all make that pos not work properly. People said it was a bargain for £150. I think its an over priced photo viewer/clock.
  • greg
    haha i love that this runs android! it's like google have no say on what shit hardware is allowed to use their shit OS, just ell it, get it out there!! just got my first android phone, and my word, it's fucking dogshit.
  • The B.
    Ooh, I appear to have touched a mark mark nerve there. It's an OS for phones being used on tabs, hardly sensible now is it, decent implementations will cost a packet but at the end of the day who'd want a pad when you could have a laptop or a netbook with more power, more utilities and more flexibility for less money?
  • Frank W.
    What a git. Use the tip of your fingernail. Its a Resistive screen not Capacitive. It wants a Stylus type of input not the whole pad of your finger. If I use the pad on my finger on my TOMTOM GPS, then the screen acts the same way, skittering back and forth. I tried the Next tablet in store and when you know what you are doing it works fine. Sure its not Apple, but its a lot cheaper and its Android.
  • Eschaton
    you know, it`d be great if people like that idiot in the video would do some research into the product, the pad is a rebadged Zenithink ZT-180, a tablet that was released some time ago, it was bugged upone release but after some marvelous work by the xda guys and the people in the slatedroid forums its now a good piece of kit. as pointed out by frank in the post above it has a resistive screen, not capacitive like the ipad, which that joker quite clearly has experience of. you CANNOT compare something like this to the ipad, trying to do that only leads to stupid reviews and comments from apple fanboys. i own one, after flashing the firmware to the latest custom one from xda it now works well in regards to book reading, video playback (yes it can handle 1080p now) and web browsing. one more thing, the battery lasts MUCH longer than 30 minutes, i have no idea where that claim comes from but my one will stay alive for around 4 hours using wifi and much longer when it isnt. to summarise - if your an apple elitist or just a fan of steve jobs, know your enemy, this tablet isnt it, this table is just a multi functional e-reader and never should be compared to an ipad. for those wanting a device that performs the functions ive described above i simply cant recommend it enough, just make sure you take a trip to the xda zt-180 forums once you recieve the product and boom, you`ll have a decent 10" product.
  • -]
    1080p divx? just what the world needs. I can't stand most apple products (including the ipad) nor am I a steve jobs fanboy but I can see that this tablet is a load of old gash. Underpowered hardware, lacking in RAM & not fit for purpose (unless your purpose is to look at pix and listen to music - I have devices that do both things much better, smaller and less expensively). Elitist? No. Realistic? Definitely.
  • blocked c.
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