V.me, baby

27 November 2013

When you pay online you always have to have your card details to hand – unless you pay through Paypal – but from today, Visa are launching V.me, a payment service that lets you buy online using just a password and a username. Also, you can attach your V.me account to several credit cards, so you’ll never have to input those boring long numbers again.


Ok, so ‘V.me’ sounds like a filthy proposition, and it’s not available everywhere just yet, but it’s hoped that thousands of retailers will take it on. And it does sound like a more convenient way to blow all your wages on meaningless crap off the internet.

Visa have called it a ‘digital wallet’ and it’s now live in Europe, with 1400 online retailers on board - while Nationwide are the first financial organization to support it in Britain. Steve Perry from Visa Europe said:

'V.me by Visa gives merchants and issuers an acceptance mark that will work across Europe. Mobile phones, tablets and the use of digital payments have changed the nature of commerce: consumers want to be able to buy from the merchant of their choice via any device without sharing their card details.'

By January, 4000 new retailers are expected to start using it, and there’ll be a full, bells and whistles commercial launch of the service next year, when everyone will be saying ‘Hey, just V.me’ and ‘Yeah, I V.me’d it.’

Nah, they won't. It’s a terrible name.


  • Alexis
    As in flicking someone the V sign?
    Paypal have a wheeze going called "deferred payment" Paypal pay the bill and you dont have to for 14 days, of course its at payday loans interest rates so be very sure you click PAY NOW.

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