Uber 'panic button' on the way?

30 September 2016
Uber 'panic button' on the way?

A number of people have a host of issues with Uber, and one that keeps cropping up is the safety of passengers who use the service.

While drivers are vetted, some say that the company aren't doing enough. There's been cases, globally, of passengers being attacked or sexually assaulted by drivers, and Uber seem to be doing something about it.

In South Africa, after a series of attacks, Uber are introducing a 'panic button', or an 'SOS' service if you prefer.

While some think Uber haven't done enough, others have argued that drivers who have attacked passengers have had no previous criminal record and passed all relevant security checks.

Either way, this new service is an attempt to rectify the situation.

At the moment, this is only a pilot scheme which will take place in Johannesburg, but the plan is that it will roll out to anyone using the app, anywhere in the world.

The app will contact local authorities, but you'd hope that the very existence of the service will act as a deterrent in itself. It couldn't possibly stop all crimes from occurring, but it's a start.

Is it something that all taxi services should be looking at?

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