Uber banned in Spain - UK next?

uber A lot of people really, really hate Uber. In Britain, the people who loathe them the most are other taxi drivers. They can let out a small cheer or "about bloody time" as a judge in Spain has said that Uber need to stop trading immediately, ruling that Uber's drivers don't have authorisation to operate in the country and that their service is "unfair competition".

Of course, if one country can find a way to put a halt on the business, then so can others, which will give hope to the disgruntled drivers of the UK.

The Spanish court said that drivers "lack the administrative authorisation to carry out the job, and the activity they carry out constitutes unfair competition."

This ban comes a day after the company was stopped from trading in Delhi, so it looks like everyone's after them. Also, in The Netherlands, another court banned the UberPop journey-sharing service, with The Trade and Industry Tribunal saying that: "Drivers who transport people for payment without a licence are breaking the law.

That's not stopping Uber though, who have said they're going to carry on despite the likelihood of a load of fines. In the case of UberPop, each driver could be hit with a €40,000 penalty.

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